50 Funny Photography Quotes, Jokes, and Captions for Instagram

funny photography quotes jokes and captions for instagram

Have you ever taken a picture that perfectly captures a moment you want to remember forever? It’s a magical feeling, isn’t it? But let’s be real, sometimes it can be tough to come up with the right words to accompany our pictures.

That’s where we come in! We’ve got your back with 50 hilarious photography quotes, jokes, and captions that will make your followers chuckle.

Whether you’re a selfie queen or a landscape aficionado, there’s something on this list for everyone. We’ve got puns, one-liners, and silly jokes to add humor to your Instagram feed.

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50 Funny Photography Quotes, Jokes, and Captions for Instagram

1. “Why would a farmer make a good photographer? They know how to handle the crop.”

funny photography quotes - farmer good photographer handle crop

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2. “Oh! Such beautiful photos! Apparently, you have a very expensive camera Oh! Thank you, the dinner was amazing! Apparently, you have very good pans!”

3. “Why shouldn’t you ever steal a photographer’s lens? He will remember you because he has a photographic memory.”

funny photography quotes - never steal photographer lens he has photographic memory

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4. “Why didn’t the camera try to fulfill his dream of being a racecar driver? He thought he might burst on the track.”

5. “What kind of photos do lobsters take the most? Shellfies.”

funny photography quotes - kind of photos lobsters take shellfies

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6. “What’s the difference between a full-time photographer and a large frozen pizza? The pizza will feed a family of four.”

7. “Photographers are the only people who don’t get arrested for flashing and exposing in public.”

funny photography quotes - only people dont get arrested for flashing in public

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8. “I’ve taken up photography as it’s the only hobby where you can shoot people and cut people’s heads off without going to jail.”

9. “Can I shoot you with my Canon?”

funny photography quotes - can i shoot you with my canon

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10. “Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don’t have film”.

11. “Photography is pretty simple stuff. You just react to what you see, and take many, many pictures “

funny photography quotes - photography is simple stuff react and take many pictures

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12. “What’s the difference between a large pepperoni pizza and a photographer? A large pepperoni pizza can feed a family of four.”

13. “The quickest way to make money at photography is to sell your camera.”

funny photography quotes - make money at photography sell your camera

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14. “If you saw a man drowning and you could either save him or photograph the event…what kind of film would you use?”

15.  “Why didn’t the jury find the photograph guilty of his wife’s murder? They thought someone had framed him.”

jokes about photography - jury find photograph guilty of his wife murder

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16. “Why was Cinderella so hopeful about her photos? She knew her prints would come one day.”

17. “Why did the camera stop dreaming about a career in photography? He couldn’t remain focused.”

jokes about photography - camera stop dreaming carrer in photogrphy remain focused

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18. “What did the woman think about her friend who was a photographer? She wished someone would shutter up.”

19. “Buy a professional camera and you are a professional photographer. Buy a flute and you’ll own a flute.”

jokes about photography - buy a professional camera buy flute own a flute

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20. “I had to give up my career as a photographer. I kept losing focus.”

21. “Shelly, I love you more than Kodak”

jokes about photography - shelly i love you more than kodak

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22. “Be kind to your photographer because the power of editing is in their hands”

23. “Cheap photography isn’t good, my dear, and good photography isn’t cheap”

jokes about photography - cheap photography isnt good good photography isnt cheap

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24. “Why yes, I’d love to take your photos for free. That’s exactly why I spent thousands of dollars on all this equipment”

25. “A definition of a professional photographer: A pro never shows anybody the mistakes.”

photography quotes for Instagram - definition of professional photographer never shows mistakes

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26. “How many photographers does it take to change a light bulb? 50. One to change the bulb, and forty-nine to say, I could have done that!”

27. “Why is it okay to make embarrassing jokes about your camera? They’ll all disappear in a flash.”

photography quotes for Instagram - make embarrassing jokes about camera disappear in flash

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28. “Why did a man always rave about how great his digital camera was? He couldn’t think of any negatives.”

29.  “Why was the woman not upset that her husband shot her? The photos turned out great.”

photography quotes for Instagram - woman not upset her husband shoot her photos turned out great

30. “I had a friend who kept talking about photography. I couldn’t shutter up.”

31. “I quit seeing this photographer because he kept framing me.”

photography quotes for Instagram - quit seeing photographer he kept framming me

32. “On Tinder pictures and what they mean: Picture of themselves from an unusual angle = This is literally the only angle from which I look human“

33. “Sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter”

photography quotes for Instagram - sometimes arrive when god have someone click shutter

34. “I shoot people and sometimes cut off their hands”

35. “Life is like photography, you need negatives to develop”

photography jokes - life is like photography need negatives to develop

36. “Why shouldn’t you take a photo of crop with your camera? It will probably end up really grainy.”

37. “Why was the musician also a great photographer? He knew a good composition when he saw one.”

photography jokes - muscian also a great photographer

38. “Why can’t you ever hold photos of light bulbs too close to the sun? Too much exposure.”

39. “Why did the man taking photos of naked people get arrested? Due to indecent exposure.”

photography jokes - man taking photos naked people get arrested indecent exposure

40. “Why did the actress call the sniper who became a photographer? She wanted a great headshot.”

41. “Why did the photo critic marry the photographer? She liked his perspective.”

photography jokes - photo critic marry photographer she liked prespective

42. “Why did the photographer fail an assignment where he had to recreate the same photo twice? There was too much contrast between the two photos.”

43. “There are no negatives with entering the world of digital photography.”

funny photography quotes - no negatives entering world of photography

44. “The only person a woman will listen to is a photographer.”

45. “Photographers are mean. They frame you, they shoot you and then they hang you.”

funny photography quotes - photographers are mean frame shoot and hang you

46. “We all have a photographic memory. Only some of us don’t have film.”

47. “It’s not the size of the lens, it’s how you use it”

jokes about photography - not the size of lens its how you use it

48. “Photographers need to deal with a lot of crop!”

49. “Why was a lens crying in the cafe? He realized he was not in his prime anymore.”

jokes about photography - lens crying in cafe realized he was not prime anymore

50. “Why did the boy never try to become a professional photographer? He just couldn’t picture himself being one.”


Are you tired of staring at your Instagram post, trying to create a clever caption that matches your photo? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our blog has 50 funny photography quotes, jokes, and captions that will make your followers laugh out loud.

So, next time you post on Instagram and can’t come up with a witty caption, check out our list for inspiration. You’re sure to find something that will make your followers hit the like button and leave a comment. Happy posting!

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