13 Characteristics of a Spiritual Person

Here we have compiled a list of 13 characteristics of a spiritual person. Check out these qualities and see if you are spiritual or not.

charecteristics of a spiritual person

Every human being is in the search for satisfaction. Achieving satisfaction will ultimately lead to inner peace and mental stability. Thousands of people flock to the grounds of various places of worship in search of peace.

But the fundamental truth remains that peace can be only found within yourself. Spirituality is believing in a power greater than you and accepting its existence.

Sometimes, we require the assistance of a spiritual person, and it is only then that we come to understand the simplicity and the real meaning of being a human.

In this article, I will discuss 13 characteristics of a spiritual person. Stay tuned to the end.

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Who Is A Spiritual Person?

charecteristics of a spiritual person

A spiritual person is someone who follows and understands the concept of spirituality. And I don’t mean sharing posts on social media, yoga mat trainers, or all-time gurus—I mean authentic, genuine spirituality.

Someone whose essence teaches you the meaning of liberated living and loving. A person you would want to be around all the time because of their effortless and calm vibe.

Embodying true spirituality involves being a genuinely supportive companion on life’s challenging journey—a genuine friend and ally.

It means navigating the inner journey towards self-healing and personal growth and aiding others in pursuing the same.

So, how do you become a spiritual person? By going to a religious place every day? No. By giving a piece of your leftover to a beggar every day? Not.

You can be someone who does both of those things without loving themselves and knowing the true meaning of kindness. You can be someone who follows a spiritual group and all its norms but still be harsh towards yourself and your surroundings.

To become a genuine spiritual person, one must understand the qualities of a natural spiritual person. And not just understand. You should build them into your character and work towards achieving them.

Here are the top 10 characteristics of a spiritual person, which will help you build your foundations and become a more spiritual person.

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13 Characteristics Of A Spiritual Person

Personality and character are two different terms that are wrongly used interchangeably. Personality is your emotional and cognitive pattern, whereas character, on the other hand, encompasses one’s moral and ethical qualities, reflecting one’s values and integrity.

While personality is more outwardly expressed, character is the internal foundation shaping a person’s choices and actions.

Hence, when working on yourself, try to incorporate qualities in your character, not your personality. The same rule applies to the ten attributes mentioned below.

1. They acknowledge individuality

A spiritual person knows that a one-way approach does not work in the world—one kind of response is not universally applicable.

In this world, they understand that everyone has their values and ethics and accepts them. Openness is a crucial attribute of spiritual people.

They are influential in their circles but do not stir up conflicts unnecessarily. They don’t hold an opinion or act against something. They accept that views and values vary from one individual to another.

2. They Understand That The Journey Of Love Begins From Yourself.

The journey of love begins with self-love. And by self-love, I don’t mean the $1000 skincare love. I mean a natural, long-lasting relationship of trust, empathy, and, most importantly, acceptance.

Self-love cannot begin without accepting your past traumas and injuries. Once that happens, the journey of loving and respecting yourself begins, which is an actual attribute of a spiritual person.

3. They Are Humble

No matter an athlete or a superstar, a proper spiritual person is always respectful and down to earth. They do not suffer from skyrocketing egos but are humble and grounded.

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4. They Practice Self-Discipline

A spiritual person has control over their desires and impulses. They are disciplined and can delay gratification to work towards their higher goals. Practicing self-discipline helps them be more purposeful in life.

5. They Have Strong Values

Spiritual individuals have a solid moral compass guided by honesty, integrity, and kindness. They stand up for their values and what they believe is right. Their actions are guided by their ethical principles rather than social pressures.

6. They Practice Mindfulness

Being present in the moment is a crucial characteristic of mindful people. They pay attention to their thoughts and emotions without judgment. Practicing mindfulness helps them find inner peace, let go of anxiety, and live in the present.

7. They Express Gratitude

Spiritual people have an attitude of gratitude. They appreciate life’s gifts, both big and small. Expressing gratitude makes them feel more positive emotions and enables them to deal with challenges.

8. They Practice Forgiveness

Harboring grudges and anger hurts spiritual individuals more than the offending party. Hence, they believe in forgiveness and letting go. Forgiving others as well as themselves helps restore their inner peace.

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9. They Help Others

Spiritual people believe in being of service to humanity. They selflessly help others, expecting nothing in return. Doing good deeds gives meaning to their life and helps them feel connected.

10. They Have Hope

Spiritual individuals remain hopeful even in trying circumstances. They trust in their higher power and believe everything happens for a reason. This hope helps them cope with life’s curveballs.

11. They Are Curious

Spiritual persons have an open and curious mind. They always seek to learn more about themselves, others, and the world. This curiosity leads to personal growth and a deeper understanding of life.

12. They Are Humble

A spiritual person is humble and ego-less. They do not boast of their achievements or impose their views on others. Humility enables them to admit their mistakes and leads them to learn.

13. They Practice Equanimity

Equanimity or emotional balance is the hallmark of spiritual individuals. They manage their negative emotions skillfully and react to situations calmly. This equanimity lends stability and peace to their life.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, developing these qualities helps one grow spiritually and find greater meaning in life. Spirituality enables one to look inward, overcome ego, and see life correctly.